QuickBooks Point Of Sale is the one-stop solution for the retail and accounting requirement of business which helps a wide range of business verticals. QuickBooks POS has eases the accounting and financial work of retail users by providing them advanced tools. If you want to avail the benefit of the software then you can call toll-free QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number +1800-621-5491 any time of your requirement.

What Are The Features Of QuickBooks POS?

QuickBooks Point Of Sales has become a one-stop solution for especially retails industry by giving them quality services and specialized accounting features. To know more about QuickBooks POS feature you can contact QuickBooks POS Support service. Some of the important features of QuickBooks are listed below.

  • QB Point Of Sale accepts payments from many modes like a credit card, debit card, etc.
  • It provides the benefits of ring sales and rewards your customers with discounts or offers.
  • You can track your customer purchase history.
  • It reduces the double entries of data by integrating with QuickBooks Desktop which further reduces errors and saves a lot of time.
  • You have two different versions like basic and pro to choose from.

What Are The Versions Of QuickBooks POS And Their Features?

There are 3 versions of QuickBooks POS. Here we will discuss their features:

QuickBooks POS- Basic

The basic version of QuickBooks POS has many features which bring enormous growth to your business. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • All modes of payments like a credit card, debit card, etc are accepted from this software.
  • It easily integrated with QuickBooks Desktop financial software.
  • It gives ring sales feature which allows you to maintain customer’s shopping behavior so that you can give them offers and discounts.
  • You can prepare basic reporting with help of this software.
  • You can track your inventory.

QuickBooks POS- Pro

QuickBooks POS Pro is an advanced version of QuickBooks POS which has more features than QuickBooks POS Basic version.

  • QuickBooks POS Pro has all the features of QuickBooks POS Basic versionsuch as benefits of having ring sales, tracking of inventory, etc.
  • It maintains your employees along with their payroll in a systematic manner.
  • It offers you the benefit of layaway.
  • You can prepare advanced reporting with the help of this software.

QuickBooks POS- Multi-Store

QuickBooks POS- Multi-Store is the third version of QuickBooks POS which has all the features of the Basic and Pro version along with some extra benefits:

  • The management of employees and their payrolls becomes easy with the help of this software.
  • You can prepare advanced reporting.
  • It gives the ring sales facility where you can maintain a good customer relationship.
  • You can provide loyalty programs where you can give gifts, offers, etc to customers.
  • Multiple stores can be managed with the help of this software. This software proves beneficial In case you have a chain of stores. It manages all the stores very efficiently.
  • You can manage and transfer your inventory in the most seamless manner.
  • There is a facility of advanced sales & inventory for all your stores.

You can contact QuickBooks POS Support Number +1800-621-5491 to know the best suitable version of QuickBooks POS as per your business requirement. Our experts will listen to your business requirement patiently and help you with the suitable version QuickBooks Point of Sale.

QuickBooks POS Errors

Like other software QuickBooks POS software sometimes comes up with technical glitches and issues.  The error might occur when you are making an important transaction or feeding important data. The errors sometimes need undivided attention to get resolved. You need to contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number  +1800-621-5491 without any delay as further delay can cause more damage.

QuickBooks POS Support

The  QuickBooks POS Support team deals with all types of QuickBooks POS error every day. The QuickBooks POS software has many advanced features so sometimes the errors are very exclusive and difficult to resolve. Our experts technicians at QuickBooks POS Tech Support team makes sure that your issues get resolved in no time. Just call us on QuickBooks POS Tech Support Phone Number +1800-621-5491 any time. Our helpline is open round the clock to assist you so that you don’t have to wait any further.